Each year, dozens of healthy cats are placed in loving homes by the Moore Foundation. When the Moore Foundation rescues cats, they are taken to a veterinarian for an examination. They are tested, vaccinated and neutered, if necessary. If they are sick or injured, they are treated and cared for until they are healthy. When they are healthy, they are offered for adoption. The special-needs cats that require long-term or lifetime care will remain at the Moore Foundation. Some of these cats are available for adoption. If someone is interested who can provide the necessary love and care, please contact us for information about our cats with special needs.


Recently, we received a phone call from a woman who had rescued eight kittens. She took the kittens to her veterinarian to be examined and tested. Six of the kittens had respiratory infections and two of the kittens had leukemia. The rescue group could not find a shelter to help them, and the veterinarian recommended that they call the Moore Foundation.

The Moore Foundation immediately transferred the kittens to its local veterinarian. This veterinarian treated the kittens with the respiratory infections, and is currently showcasing the kittens in her clinic and screening potential adopters. The two kittens with leukemia now live at the Moore Foundation because it is extremely unlikely that anyone will adopt them due to their illness.

Please contact us if you are interested in adopting a kitten or a cat.