The purposes of the Moore Foundation are set forth in its organizational mandate, a Deed of Trust embodying the vision of the Founder.  A concise overview of the mission and purposes of the Foundation is as follows:

  • To help sick or injured cats, and occasionally other animals, whose owners (if any) cannot afford to provide necessary veterinary care including surgery and/or medication;
  • To make appropriate plans and financial arrangements with veterinarians and clinics to provide necessary care for the animals in order to relieve suffering and prolong their happy lives;
  • To help veterinarians who have a special commitment to their profession and who require funding of an immediate nature, generally (but not in all cases) relating to the needs of a specific animal or animals in need of care;
  • To find good homes for homeless, sick and abandoned animals;
  • To provide lifetime care at the Moore Foundation for cats unable to find good homes because of illness, age, temperament, loss of limbs or some other infirmity;
  • To manage and/or assist with the care of feral and abandoned cat colonies.  This includes providing food, veterinary care, spay and neuter services, as well as finding homes for the kittens and friendly cats.

The Moore Foundation has provided hundreds of animals with desperately-needed veterinary care, and it has found good homes for hundreds of homeless animals. Those cats who are unable to find good homes remain at the Moore Foundation and are provided lifetime care.  Currently, 42 cats live at the Moore Foundation who have either cancer, leukemia, feline aids, heart conditions, intestinal disorders, amputated limbs, loss of an eye, etc.  Numerous other cats are supported by the Moore Foundation at veterinary clinics, adoption facilities and feral cat colonies at racetracks.

During its eleven years of existence, the Moore Foundation has distributed over $1,000,000 in furtherance of these purposes.

The Moore Foundation is located at 3100 U.S. Highway 206, Far Hills, N.J. 07931.  The telephone number is 908-439-0070 and the fax number is (908) 439-0102.  E-mail may be addressed to   A copy of the Moore Foundation Annual Report is filed with the Office of the Attorney General, Department of Charities of the State of New Jersey, P.O. Box 45021, Trenton, N.J. 07101.  The New Jersey Registration number is #2018500-01.  The Moore Foundation files its tax return with the IRS on Form 990.  Copies of the last ten Annual Reports on Form 990 are available on our website located at